Diode Laser

What is a dental diode laser?

A dental diode laser is an innovative and compact tool used in dentistry and prosthodontics in several different ways. This type of laser is primarily used on soft tissue treatments in the mouth, emitting near-infrared light. Experts use dental diode lasers in a number of procedures and treatments to benefit patients’ oral health.

diode laser device

What kinds of treatments do a dental diode laser help with?

Dental diode lasers are versatile tools implemented in several different ways, including:

  • Periodontal treatment: When gum disease has advanced, it is important to receive treatment to remove the infection and tissue it has damaged and encourage reattachment and regrowth of the gums. A dental diode laser can help with the scaling and root planing process while substantially reducing bacteria in the affected areas.
  • Teeth whitening: At low power intensities, some professionals use dental diode lasers to assist in lightening the color of teeth and brightening smiles overall.
  • Soft tissue treatments: Dental diode lasers are minimally invasive, enabling bloodless soft tissue surgeries with faster recovery times than other traditional surgical options. Dental diode lasers can also help treat mouth ulcers by helping to relieve pain and heal the gum.
  • Root canal therapy: Some experts use dental diode lasers in root canal therapy to clear and clean the root from the infected pulp. Ensuring the bacteria has been banished is also key in preventing future infections.

What benefits can a patient experience with a dental diode laser?

Since the dental diode laser is minimally invasive, there is much less blood when working with soft tissues than other surgical options. This means that the patient can remain more comfortable during the treatment and recovery more quickly and with less discomfort and inflammation later.

Our focus here at Garine & Boza Prosthodontics is always on offering the best available care for our patients — and keeping you comfortable during your treatment. That is why it is so important to us to ensure we are incorporating the most up-to-date technology in our office.

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