Digital Impressions

What are digital dental impressions?

If you have ever needed to receive a dental impression, chances are that you might not have very pleasant memories of the experience. In the past, dental impressions were made with trays filled with messy dental putty that patients needed to bite down into for a certain amount of time. The taste and texture of the putty were already unpleasant. For patients with tooth sensitivities, gag reflexes, and other issues, the process was even worse.

Now, though, the Garine & Boza Prosthodontics team is proud to offer digital dental impressions, made with the iTero Intraoral Digital Scanner. Say goodbye to dental putty with this clean, painless, and simple process, which maps out a 3-D scan of your teeth and mouth. These scans can be used for a wide range of oral health needs, including dentures, crowns, bridges, and much more.

digital impression of teeth

What are the advantages of digital dental impressions?

As mentioned before, there is no dental putty involved in taking digital dental impressions — putting patients with sensitivities at ease. Digital dental impressions are also more accurate than traditional impressions, leading to more effective health plans and treatments. If inconsistencies are found in the scan, it happens immediately, while the patient is still present, so that the issues may be instantly corrected. Since the technology is powerful and straightforward, patients may see their scans for themselves, helping them to understand what issues need to be corrected — and making them active partners in their oral health.

What is the process like of getting digital dental impressions?

Getting digital dental impressions is easy and painless. The dental professional uses the iTero scanner to take pictures of the inside of your mouth. The images are used to complete a full 3-D picture of your smile, which we can use to identify issues and show a projection of what your mouth can look like after treatment.

Do you have questions about digital impressions? Feel free to ask us during your next appointment, or give us a call today. We are happy to answer any questions you might have, as we recognize just how important it is for our patients to have a good understanding of every step of their dental care and treatment plan.


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