How is a CariVu camera different from regular X-rays?

The images that the DEXIS CariVu captures look similar to a traditional X-ray, but there are key differences that make the CariVu camera a more powerful tool to promote oral health.

The CariVu camera uses safe, near-infrared light — non-ionizing radiation — to examine teeth from the inside out. This technology expands care to individuals who cannot receive dental X-rays for medical purposes. It also comes with the added benefit of earlier and more accurate detection of decay. The sooner we diagnose an issue, the less work is required to correct it, helping our patients improve and maintain their oral health.

CariVu technology

What is a CariVu camera?

The DEXIS CariVu is a small but powerful imaging device roughly the size and shape of a pen. The technology it uses illuminates the enamel of the tooth in a way that makes it appear transparent. This makes dental caries — tooth decay — easier to detect, since the damage appears dark in the images the CariVu camera captures.

Who can benefit from an exam with the CariVu camera?

Every patient will benefit from the insights that the DEXIS CariVu camera provides. This device can confirm with greater accuracy and more in-depth information possible signs of decay that may not be as clearly illustrated with a traditional X-ray. Identifying and diagnosing tooth decay as soon as possible is essential for developing a treatment plan for our patients.

In particular, our young patients, pregnant women, and other individuals who may not be comfortable receiving X-rays as a part of the care they receive from our team are encouraged to take advantage of our expertise with the CariVu camera and its advanced technology. Since the light used with this device is safe, patients with all medical histories and backgrounds can expect superior care.

If you have been avoiding the oral care you need because of issues with getting X-rays, you do not have anything to fear. The advanced technology our team uses expands the care available to our patients. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.


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