Intra-Oral Camera

What is an intra-oral camera?

An intra-oral camera is a very small camera mounted on a device about the size and shape of a pen. The small size allows oral health professionals to gather images inside of patients’ mouths for both dental records and diagnosing any possible issues as well as communicating what needs to be addressed directly with the patient. Patients can see exactly what dentists are examining by watching on a monitor screen. These images are stored to keep careful records of patients’ oral health progress.

intra-oral camera in woman's mouth

How are intra-oral cameras used?

The Garine & Boza Prosthodontics team utilizes an intra-oral camera for careful record keeping of your ongoing oral health. These cameras are particularly useful for in-depth examinations of areas of a patient’s mouth that might be hard to see or otherwise access. We can see enlarged images of your gums, teeth, and mouth to help promote early detection and addressing of issues. This includes everything from the conditions of your gums and damaged fillings to hairline fractures in your teeth and plaque buildups.

We want our patients to be active participants in their dental health. That is why we use the latest technologies, like intra-oral cameras, and other devices. They enable our team to have comprehensive and informative discussions with patients while the patients can witness the issues in real-time on the monitor. That way, we can reach agreements on the reasons why actions and treatment plans are necessary for a patient’s oral and overall health.

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What are the benefits of using an intra-oral camera?

One of the best things you can do for your oral health is to regularly schedule and attend dental appointments. Coming in every six months — or more often, if we recommend it to certain patients — is key to early identification and diagnosis of oral issues. Early diagnosis facilitates a more comprehensive and effective treatment plan. Many times, early treatment is less invasive and extensive than later treatment, when the issue may have time to progress and require greater interventions.


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