Guided Surgery

What is guided surgery?

Guided surgery is a technique that entails using guides that have been made prior to the procedure to help ensure consistent, predictable results. Guided surgery is particularly useful during dental implant procedures to fill missing gaps in smiles.

Surgical guides are made by first taking scans of a patient’s mouth. These scans create an exact replica of the patient’s gums, teeth, and bone structures. Prosthodontists use this replica — along with additional advanced software and technology — to plan the placement and implementation of dental implants.

During the treatment itself, experts use the guide to ensure that implants are placed and secured in the patient’s mouth exactly as they are meant to be. The alternative to guided surgery for dental implants is placing implants freehand — a more time-intensive treatment choice with more possible pitfalls.

guided surgery in process

What benefits can patients expect from guided surgery?

If patients and their oral healthcare team determine that guided surgery is a good step on their treatment journey, it means that patients stand to benefit greatly. Guided surgery is a comprehensive and consistently effective option to streamline and control surgical treatments while customizing them efficiently.

Patients may be assured that the surgical guide with the best fit for their health, current needs, and future treatment plan will be selected. There are several different types of guides, each with benefits of their own. Your prosthodontist will help determine which will offer the most effective solution for your oral health, answering any questions you might have along the way.

How does Garine & Boza Prosthodontics use guided surgery?

Overall, our team members here utilize guided surgery to ensure our patients receive the best care possible. That means reducing the number of appointments patients must attend — ideal for those with busy schedules — as well as minimizing the time patients must spend at each appointment.

Guided surgery represents one of the many ways that our team members embrace the latest advances in technology and prosthodontics to offer superior treatments and services.

If you would like to learn more about the kinds of guided surgical options we offer, call our office to schedule an appointment today.


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