What are dental crowns used for?

Dental crowns are structures that cap an existing tooth. Crowns can be used to protect a tooth that has been damaged by decay or trauma and are meant to restore the look, shape, size, and function of a tooth.

Crowns are crafted to match the shape and look of your existing teeth. They are made from porcelain or porcelain fused to metal depending on your needs and situation. Many people will not even realize that you have dental crowns — they are designed to look completely natural.

dental crowns

Who can benefit from dental crowns?

Based on your oral health and particular needs, we may determine together that a dental crown is the best course of action for your smile. For example, if you have a tooth with a cavity in it that is too big for a filling, a crown may be the best treatment. If you have damaged a tooth by cracking or breaking it in an accident, or wearing it down from repetitive and untreated nighttime tooth grinding, crowns may be the best way to protect your teeth and restore the power of your bite. Patients who receive root canal therapy often receive crowns to help protect the restored tooth. Crowns may also be used aesthetically to cover a tooth because of its color, position, or shape.

If you believe that your smile may benefit from a dental crown, call us today to schedule an appointment. We can discuss your options, examine your teeth, and decide what the best course of action will be for your personal health.

What is the process of getting dental crowns like?

Dental crowns at Garine & Boza Prosthodontics will take two visits to complete. During the first visit, we will prepare your tooth for the crown. This includes removing some of the enamel of the tooth to support the crown, as well as removing any damaged or decayed portions of the tooth. We will help you remain comfortable during this process, including numbing the area and checking in with you throughout. Next, we will take a digital impression of your mouth. The images we gather will be used to customize and construct a dental crown that will fit your existing smile perfectly. While waiting for the crown to be made, we may fit you with a temporary crown to protect your tooth before sending you home.

During the second visit, we will remove the temporary crown and secure the permanent crown to your tooth. We will make any last adjustments to ensure that that crown fits perfectly and feels natural and strong.

We will advise you on what you need to do to keep your teeth healthy — and your crown well cared for — after your appointment. You will still need to brush and floss your teeth on a regular basis, especially since the tooth beneath the crown is still susceptible to cavities. We also recommend avoiding chewing on objects, hard foods, or ice, particularly since this can break or damage your crown.


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