Digital X-Rays

What are digital X-rays?

Digital X-rays in dentistry use technology and digital sensors to take accurate and in-depth radiographic images of your mouth. They are different from traditional dental X-rays in that they may be viewed immediately — no need to develop the film. This also reduces time, cost, and exposure to radiation.

digital x-ray of teeth

How are digital X-rays used?

There are a number of different uses for digital X-rays in the dental and prosthodontics offices, including:

Diagnosis of abnormalities in teeth, roots, and jawbones
Identification of tooth decay in hard-to-detect places, such as between the teeth, inside a tooth, and below the gum line
Assessment of tooth and root positions
Detection of abscesses, cysts, and tumors

Your dental health team will help you determine how often digital X-rays are needed of your mouth. We will schedule these on a regular basis based on your health requirements and medical history. Digital X-rays are essential tools for early diagnosis of issues with your oral health. Identifying problems as early as possible enables us to pursue less invasive and extensive treatments, benefiting your health sooner and helping you spend less time and money on your oral care.

How safe are digital X-rays?

Digital X-rays are very safe. In everyday life, people are exposed to natural radiation in our environment. Traditional dental X-rays represent just a small fraction of that exposure on an annual basis. Digital X-rays are even safer than that, since they produce some 90 percent less radiation than traditional dental X-rays.

Some patients may be hesitant to agree to get dental X-rays, even if digital X-rays expose them to much less radiation. Rest assured that we assess the need for digital X-rays very carefully, only ordering them when necessary. We also take all proper precautions to limit radiation exposure to patients. For young patients, pregnant patients, and patients with different health challenges, we may recommend another imaging procedure, such as our DEXIS CariVu camera. Ask us about the latest technologies and how they can benefit you and your dental care the next time you are in our office for an appointment!


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