Lorena M.

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As a dental hygienist at Garine Prosthodontics, Lorena provides preventative oral care, detects potential health problems, and advocates about the relationship between patients’ oral health and overall health. She sought a career in dental hygiene after realizing how important preventative oral care is while working with children and young adults from rural communities. For patients that have negative past experiences at dental offices, Lorena’s goal is to relate to these patients, recognize when they are uncomfortable or anxious, and reassure them that her team will provide pleasant and gentle care.

By far, Lorena’s favorite part of her job is the patients themselves. “I think of the many wonderful people I’ve met over the years. I’ve vicariously traveled to all kinds of places, and I’ve learned about their jobs, families, successes, and stumbles. We’ve shared countless stories and laughs. The ability to be there and show compassion and empathy is a powerful place that fills my heart.”

When not working, Lorena enjoys hanging out with her two Great Danes Juju and Lua, and her sweet Greyhound, Charlie. She and her husband are constantly seeking travel adventures, including hiking mountains and waterfalls trails, camping at state parks, and deserted islands. They also love serving their community with the wonderful people they’ve met through church and life groups.

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