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Dental Services

Learn about us and our Jupiter office by clicking on the links to the different services we offer:

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Family Dentistry

When it comes to high quality dentistry and applied prosthodontics, we are second to none. Our commitment to your family's oral health is the thing that we have committed our self to fully. Come into either one of our locations and see for yourself why so many come to us for all their oral health needs!

Our office located in Jupiter, Florida 561-406-9360
Our office located in West Palm Beach, Florida 561-570-2800

Preventive Dentistry

It is so much easier to prevent dental issues from arising than to treat an issue that has already formed. Patient education is the most important part of stopping easily preventable dental issues like cavities and gum disease.

The most important things that you can do for your mouth on a daily basis is to brush and floss every day and rinse your mouth out with water after every meal. Brushing after breakfast and before bed guarantees that plaque doesn't get a chance to build up on the outer surfaces of your teeth. Flossing at least once a day helps to catch all the food particles and plaque between the teeth, where your brush can't reach.

Rinsing your mouth out with water helps to breakup and wash away food particles left over from your meal. Making a habit of rinsing your mouth out can have a big impact on your long-term oral health.

Restorative Dentistry

When something does end up harming your teeth (either due to trauma, decay, or neglect) we will always be here to provide a safe and healthy solution. Your smile is a big source of self-esteem and we want to make sure you feel comfortable smiling all the time. We hold ourselves to very high standards when it comes to any restorative project. We can help to put your mind at ease by sharing a variety of material with you about every procedure.

We believe that patient education is paramount in helping people to understand and appreciate exactly what has to be done to keep their mouth in proper working order and encourage you to read up on any restorative procedure you may need to have done by clicking the link below.

Cosmetic Dentistry

When the years have taken their toll on your smile it is nice to know you have an option to breathe new life into it with one of our cosmetic dental procedures.

Veneers can solve a number of issues with the teeth in the front of the mouth. If teeth are too crowded or too far apart, veneers can fix that. If teeth are stained or have lost their luster, veneers are a great solution. Ask us about how veneers can help to bring just the right aesthetic to your teeth.


We are proud to utilize the latest in dental technology. By utilizing the most advanced dental technology in the industry we are able to maximize procedure quality and turn around time - giving you the best value for the best results.

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